Following the success of the  "XPS Data Fitting with CasaXPS" training course in 2011 in Nantes and the CNRS thematic school 2013 and 2016 in Roscoff, the next session will take place in Roscoff from 16 to 21 June 2019 with the participation of Neal Fairley (UK) Sven Tougaard (Denmark), Mark Biesinger (Canada) and Delphine Flahaut (France), Emilie Smith (UK) and Vincent Fernandez (France). This training will be held in English and will host a maximum of 45 participants.

Workshop program:

  1. Theoretical courses on XPS spectroscopy and imaging,
  2. Practical courses with CasaXPS and QUASES-Tougaard Softwares,
  3. Training sessions with data and videos supplied (video examples),
  4. Brainstorming dedicated to difficult cases.

Parallel sessions:

  • One for beginners
  • One for experts

This training is the opportunity:

  • To gain an overview of XPS, ranging from the measuring technique to data interpretation
  • To explore the possibilities of data processing with the software CasaXPS and QUASES-Tougaard Softwares
  • To create a database of examples of experimental data and their XPS analyses
  • To treat difficult experimental cases, proposed by participants.


Please bring a laptop (Windows) with you (at least one for two persons).

if you have any question, please contact us to etxps@cnrs-imn.fr

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